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Denman Museum

The Denman Museum is run by a committee of the Denman Seniors and Museum Society. It is open during July and August each year or by special arrangement.

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BC Museums Association

Canadian Museums Association

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Comox Valley Museums Association

The Museum draws its summer season to a close with a toast!

By Claire King.  Interior photo by Ann Paisley

On August 16th 2016, the museum became alive with conversation, laughter and tasty refreshments. It was perhaps the first time our museum has been the site of such a social occasion. This reception was held to thank and honour the local potters who contributed so generously to the museum’s History of Denman Pottery exhibition. It also gave all members of our community an opportunity to meet some of the potters and to view the exhibit.

museum receptionThe refurbished, cool space of the museum proved to be ideal for this occasion, and because it was a warm summer evening, guests could also wander outside and take a look at the impressive whale bone that now hangs above the museum’s entrance.

The event was organized by the Friends of the Museum’s display group who also master- minded the pottery exhibit.   Judging by the complimentary remarks, the reception was a great success.

Next summer there will be a new exhibit in the museum to highlight yet another aspect of Denman’s culture.

The museum and the pottery exhibit closes at the end of August. However, there will also be a few special events held in the museum throughout the year; these are now in the planning stages. In the meantime, if you would like a private tour it can be arranged by contacting Jackie Hipwell at 250-335-1110 or Linda Schmidt at 250-335-3338.