Fitness Centre News

—– **** 100 MEMBERS **** —–
The Denman Fitness Centre has just signed up its 100th member!
  We continue to upgrade the gym. The  machines were serviced before the holidays.  So, please help to maintain their condition by only wearing clean indoor footwear and wiping off the machines after use. There is a lot of equipment so please put things away after use to keep the  gym orderly.
We have installed a heavy bag upstairs.

Benefits Of Heavy Bag Training

  • 1 Improve Aerobic Fitness.
  • 2 Improve Power.
  • 3 Improve Coordination, & Core Stability.
  • 4 Improve Boxing Technique.
  • 5 Develop Self Defense Skills.
  • 6 Improve Body Shape.
  • 7 Decrease Stress.
  • 8 A Low Cost Activity, Requiring Minimal Equipment.