What’s up DAC?

We’ve had a busy couple of months this unseasonably cold Spring and more events are on their way.  The 8th Annual Table Tennis Tournament was a fun event and raised a good amount for the Denman Community Land Trust Association. Easter Sunday’s BBQ tie in with the Easter Egg Hunt is always a favourite activity.

Pickleball is adding yet another session to their weekly play schedule – now on Monday afternoons as well as Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.  Of course, May 9th will see the Hall become Denman’s Voting Place for the Provincial Election.  And the RCMP’s community talk takes place in the Lounge on May 3rd.

By mid month, I am told the final installation of the new lighting in the Hall will be in place.

If you have anything you’d like to book, please give deNeen Baldwin a call at 250-335-3027.