Museum Renewal

Thanks to everyone who filled out our Museum survey in April.

The purpose of survey was to gauge community interest and to create a contact list of people who would be interested in participating in a museum renewal project. We also wanted to ensure that everyone in the community had an opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas.

Those who responded were invited to an information session with a guest speaker, Colonel Jon Ambler, who is the Program Manager at the Comox Air Force Museum.   He is a strong supporter of community Museums and offered many good insights into Museum management and operations.    Later that week, we held a “community conversation” to hear feedback and gather ideas about Museum renewal.

In April and May, the walls and ceiling of the entire Museum were  scrubbed and painted, thanks to DSMS maintenance crew Dave and Fern Niedermoser and Moira Webster.   It’s looking great and we look forward to a bright new look for opening day on July 1.

Stay tuned for more news on this exciting project.