Time to Sign Up for the Fitness Centre

Here's your chance to join the Fitness Centre or "reup" for the coming year. Fitness Centre Coordinator Sue Stewart gives us the details:

Denman Fitness Centre
2015/16 Gym Memberships Due November 1,
To reflect on the past year, the membership was at 95 members with many guests visiting
the Fitness Centre. Some concern has been expressed that members and guests are wearing outside footwear and leaving equipment out.  We are entering  the rainy season so wearing
CLEAN indoor footwear is a must. Please have the courtesy of putting equipment away - especially
the heavier weights.
And please take this time to offer suggestions of improving the fitness centre either
with additional equipment or procedures.  Email your comments to 3352441@telus.net
2015 Yearly membership of $120 includes 24/7 access to Fitness Centre, drop in to Badminton, Table Tennis and Pickle Ball.  We hope the fitness centre has served you well this past year and welcome new members. There are several scheduled times to register for the new year: Sign Up Schedule Location: Denman Activity Centre [Office]
October 21st Wed. 11am to 2pm 
October 24th Sat. Noon to 3 pm Please note change of time.
October 28th Wed. 11am to 2pm

October 31st Sat. 11am to 2pm

November 4th Wed. 11am to 2pm
November 7th Sat. 11am to 2pm
Payment Options: $120 Cash or Cheque [payable to Denman Seniors & Museum Society] or 3 - $40 post-dated cheques dated Nov. 1st, Mar. 1st & July 1st. Family membership: Youths get 50% off when parent(s)sign up. There is no monthly payment option available. A $25 one-time-only month long trial is available for new members - this can be used as a credit for a year membership. Members are allowed to bring along one guest for a $3 drop-in fee.
must wear clean, indoor shoes and clean clothing at ALL times in the Fitness Centre
and Gym.  Dirt in the machines and on the new gym floor is very damaging and costly.
If you have any questions please give me a call or email me, 

Thanks, Susan Stewart
Denman Fitness Centre Coordinator                                          
3352441@telus.net [mailto:3352441@telus.net]