Who runs the Denman Activity Centre?

The Denman Seniors and Museum Society

About us                                                   Purpose of Society

2015 – 2016 Board Members
President: Roxanna Mandryk roxdoug@telus.net
Vice-President/Museum Liaison: Jackie Hipwell jackiedi@telus.net
Secretary: David Graham denman53@outlook.com
Treasurer: Robert Fox  fraser_fox@yahoo.com
Past President:  Sharon Clarke
Members at large
Peter Marshall plmarshall@telus.net
Herman de Vries 250-335-0845

For information on booking the Denman Activity Centre please contact  our booking agent, deNeen Baldwin at 250-335-3027 or at dbid@telus.net.

For building maintenance issues, contact Herman de Vries at 250-335-0845.

For information about the Denman Fitness Centre, contact   Sue Stewart at 3352441@telus.net.

For information about the Denman Museum, or to book a tour, contact Jackie Hipwell 250 335 1110 or Linda Schmidt 250 335 3338.