Activity Challenge 2017

Welcome to the Denman Island Activity Challenge 2017!

For those who have been following our challenges over the years, we started in 2013 virtually walking around BC covering 5500 km.  In 2014 we crossed the Trans Canada Trail covering over 17.000 km.

In 2015 we had a friendly Challenge between Island cyclists and Walkers/Runners. The goal was to cover 40,000 km– the distance Rick Hansen covered in 1986-87 during his Man in Motion Round the World tour. The Cyclists rose to the Challenge completing the tour early in September (they have since been pedalling their way down through Central and South America).  The Walkers and Runners came through in fine style by the end of October.

Sooooo, our Challenge for 2017 is to all work together to Shoot For The Moon. Now this is a fair distance further. In fact it is a total of 384,000 km.

How can we do this?

Well, if everyone on Denman (the last census showed us having 1022 people on Denman) covered just 1 km/day, we would cover 373,000 km and we would be almost there.  So the key to achieving our lofty goal is to have everyone working together to reach the Moon. It has to be a truly collaborative effort.

Who can participate?

Anyone who has a Denman address.  You can do your walking or running or cycling or whatever activity you do anywhere as long as you have a Denman address or live on Denman. But we need as many people as possible to reach our goal.

This is a very big challenge – – but together we can make it.

How to keep track of your distances

Group walks and events

Hope to see you there!

Submitted by Dr. Ron

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