Tracking your distance

Wearing a pedometer will count steps or kilometres. You can wear these all day long and count all your steps for distance.

  • We have some free ones at the Medical Clinic to get you moving.
  • Fitbit

    There are all sorts of gadgets such as Fitbits, Garmins, Misfits or Jawbone that will keep track of your steps and distances.  You can link these to a smartphone or android and you can get all sorts of information from them.

  • You can also use phone apps like MapMyWalk/Run/Cycle that will follow your route and tell you how far you have gone.

 How do I record my distances?

We will be using something called a Google Sheet that you can access through this link.  You can login and enter your own distances.  You can use your own name, or you can use an alias.

Distance Tracking Sheet

We  also have blank calendars you can print off and use to record your distances and save them up for a month. We will be totalling them each month.

Download 2018 monthly calenders for reference


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