Walking Group Events

Various walks and events will be held throughout the year to have some fun and encourage everyone to keep walking.

We will be meeting for hikes on many of the Denman Trails  to help familiarize people with the large number of trails we have on the  Island.  This will help you feel comfortable using them on your own.

What events are planned for us to join in?


Here’s the latest from Dr. Ron about January 24th’s trek through the wilds of Denman:

“Under sunny skies once again our monthly walk headed for the Northlands. Lead by Graeme Johnston we headed up the Wren road trail for a pleasant walk on a well marked trail that took us on a loop around only a small portion of the Northlands. Indeed there will be much area to explore over the next several months. We were a small but enthusiastic group who could have covered more ground, but we settled for a 45 min. walk covering about 3 Km. For those with smart phones a useful App for keeping track of their walks is something called Mapmywalk. It tracks where you are going so that if you get lost you can retrace your steps. I think you probably need a Data plan for this. The App will show you where you are, how far you have gone and how fast you are moving. Its fun if you like that kind of thing but definitely not necessary. An exciting development from the Parks committee is a booklet of trail maps being put together by Peter Karsten. We hope this will be ready for sometime in March. It will detail several trails on Denman.

Our next event is Tuesday Feb. 14th (Happy Valentines Day) for our annual snowshoeing event on Mt. Washington. It will be good to get away from our snowed in feeling and get above it all up on the Mountain. We plan to meet at Raven Lodge about 9:30a.m. having caught the 8:40 ferry off Denman. Give me a call at 335-0299 if you are in need of a ride.
We also will be having a regular walk on the 4th Tuesday of the month which this month is Feb. 28th. We will be meeting at the big tree on East Road past the Hornby Ferry at 11 a.m. for a walk on the southern end of the Island as we continue to get to know these trails. Hope to see you there. 
I know many of you have not yet contributed your distances for January and we need every one on board to make it to the moon this year. You can always back date all your distances to the beginning of the year.
Our plan is to have a walk every month on one of the Denman trails. This will be on the 4th Tuesday of every month and, for now, starting at 11 a.m.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at rawilson33@gmail.com. “


Trail Maps are available here  (click to open.)

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