Kitchen Renovation

Our kitchen renovation is complete and its ready to use. On Saturday afternoon, June 14, we invited everyone to come in and look at the finished product. People were impressed!  Some thought we had expanded the room because it looks so much brighter and better organized. We had over 50 visitors who also enjoyed a cup of coffee and baked treat on the patio.

Here is a before and after of the cooking area.  How did anyone prepare meals in that cramped space? The two aging electric stoves were replaced with one larger commercial version, and the adjoining custom made cupboards and countertops provide lots of storage and a large food preparation area with a separate prep sink. Quite an improvement.

Cooking area new
Opposite from the stove, another food prep area with service window, and a new commercial fridge. The open shelving provides lots more storage space and eliminates the clutter from the surface areas. Everyone loves the rolling tool chest.

Service area new
There are lots of other improvements which will make the kitchen cleaner, safer and easier to use.

With more soundproof doors and a second entry through the gym, the kitchen can now be rented separately from the lounge.

The upgraded kitchen, together with the patio, pergola and lounge improvements, make this the ideal space for small parties or family get togethers. We have several events planned for this summer, including a continuation of the popular Guest Chef Dinners.

Thanks to the New Horizons for Seniors Program, for funding this project.  And thanks to the trades people and volunteers who worked on it:

Fundraiser and project manager: Sharon Clarke
Grant application assistance:  Mike White
Renovation committee:  Debbie Frketich, Dave Niedermoser, Sharon Clarke
Donated Labour for cabinets and finishing:   Frank Frketich, Orla Haagerup
Volunteers (prep, cleanup, yard sale, restocking):  Debbie, Dave, Sharon, Orla, Frank, Moira Webster, Anna Haagerup, Fern Niedermoser, Ken Rudd,  Judy Rudd, DD Fuchs. (apologies if I’ve missed anyone!)

Renovation:  Steve Ord and crew
Electrical: Denman Electric (Mike and Jan)
Plumbing: Eli Hutchens
Cabinets:  Frank Frketich
Flooring: End-of-the-Roll

We are happy to report that all the old appliances and cupboards have found new homes in the community, and lots of small items too.  Our “reno sale” raised $372.50 which will be added to the renovation fund.


The total cost of this project was around $30,000.

The commercial dishwasher purchased last year was funded by a $4000 grant from the Comox Valley Community Foundation.   The majority of the renovation was funded through a New Horizons grant of $20,240.

Additional funding of $6K+ came from our maintenance reserve fund, accumulated from past fundraising events and activities.  Of course, these projects could not happen without many hours of donated time, equipment and materials of our trusty volunteers.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to another successful project!

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.


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