Museum News 2017

July 1 – School gets out – into the Denman Museum!

This summer our museum plans to refresh those old memories of school in its special “Education Exhibition,” running from July 1st to the end of August. Last year the Denman Museum’s display group created a very successful exhibit of Denman Pottery.  This year the display group is  going  to move on from pottery to pedagogy, celebrating not only our historic community school, but also various other educational programs that have flourished here over the years.

In preparation for the display in July and August, the Friends of the Denman Museum are now putting out a call to the community for items that could be loaned for this exhibition. They already have obtained a number of class photos on loan from our community school, but would love to borrow other items which would evoke memories of the Denman Island Schools, as well as memorabilia garnered from other educational programs held on the island. Desirable artefacts could include crafts that either children or adults have made, for example: artwork, Christmas ornaments, puppets, pin cushions etc. In addition, programs, pictures and posters relating to educational events could be used. Interesting school -related stories might also be appreciated.

So, if you or your children have been to school here, or attended other educational Denman Island programs, please consider rifling through those old boxes in the attic or under the bed, and if you find something of interest (educational that is!), contact DD Fuchs (335 1413) or Anne Paisley (650-8533) who would be pleased to hear from you.

In other news, the Friends of the Museum (FOM) have been busy over the winter months, revising several other displays:  the heritage kitchen and living room, for example, have been re -organized and improved, and many photos and story boards enlarged and updated. When the museum opens on July 1st, passersby will be attracted by the brand new vertical banner that will waft out from the grassy frontage of the museum. This lovely purple banner was designed and produced by two members of our talented FOM team.

Two other members of “The Friends” group, have been working hard on the Denman Island Oral History Project, (under the auspices of DSMS) So far, they have completed interviews with twelve representatives of Denman pioneers, priority being given to the most elderly residents; these are currently being edited in readiness for sharing with the community this summer and fall, thanks to grants, in part, from Comox Valley Foundation and Canada 150.

We are looking forward to the museum’s re opening on July 1st, and especially to the new summer exhibition featuring Denman’s Schools and education!

As usual, the museum hours will be from 1pm -4pm (Monday –Sat), and Sunday (noon-3pm), throughout July and August 2017.

Claire King

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