August 2017 Reception at the Denman Museum ( with special guest)

by Claire King

After yet another successful season, our Denman Island museum will be hosting a community reception as a celebratory finale to the summer education exhibit. This event is planned for August the 29th.   at 7pm.  It will be held in the cool and pleasant location of our downtown museum building; the occasion will be a social one with tasty refreshments and punch provided, but it will also be an opportunity to view or re-view the exhibits in the museum, and to meditate or reminisce a little about our island history.

To add further interest to this event, we have invited our local MP, Gord Johns, (NDP) to attend. Gord has expressed an interest in visiting a community event on Denman as part of a cycling journey across his riding to chat with his constituents.  This campaign of Gord, appropriately called: Ride the Riding is designed to bring attention to his private member’s bill C 312: An Act to Establish a National Cycling Strategy which lays out a proposal to address the social, economic and environmental issues facing Canada today. So, if you are a cyclist on Denman (or from elsewhere) this should be of special interest to you.   There will also be an opportunity to cycle with Gord. on the following morning, Aug 30th at 10 a.m., going towards the Hornby Ferry*.  Otherwise you could just chat to him over a cup of coffee at a stand that will be set up outside the museum for this purpose.

We look forward to seeing everyone (cyclists or not) at the museum on August the 29th, when we will raise a glass (or cup) to island educators, past and present, who have enriched our lives. And to all cyclists we say: “Long may you ride!”

  • For more info. on this group ride, phone Noel Villard (335-2120)

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