Activity Challenge 2018

Welcome to the Denman Island 2018 Activity Challenge “Shoot for the Moon”. Over the last 4 years we have been taking on greater challenges in terms of meeting Physical Activity goals through adding together all our activity.

In 2014 we walked around BC covering 5500 Kilometres (Kms). In 2015 we walked across Canada following the TransCanadaTrail covering 17,000 Kms.

In 2016 we had a challenge to follow the Man in Motion tour of Rick Hansen where he went around the earth covering 40,000 Kms. Cyclists on the Island competed against the walkers with the cyclists finishing the distance in less than 9 months while the walkers took over 10 months, but we both made it.  Last year we took a quantum leap and are trying to reach the moon, which is 384,000 Kms from the earth. We took off from Central Park on Jan. 3 and almost 100 people have joined us in this journey to the moon. You can see the tracking on our Google sheet Denman Island Shoots for the moon 2017 and you will see that many people joined us but not all have been keeping up to date by recording their distances.

We have decided to carry on in 2018 and will be firing our booster rockets at Central Park at 11 a.m. on Jan. 16 for a walk through the park to Pickles Road and then up to Denman Road and back on the Cross Island trail.  However, the key to our success will be to have enough people join to help us reach our goal this year.

Do you know that with our current census being 1065 people on Denman, that if everyone walked just one Km per day, that we would easily reach the moon in one year. So join in and help us reach this goal. We will have a good head start this year by already adding our 2017 total and this will continue to grow as people fill in their distances from 2017. The only rule for joining is that you have a Denman address. All steps or bicycle rides can be counted. In fact any step is a good step so count all movements. This is easy to do if you have a tracker like a fit bit or garmin. But wearing a pedometer and measuring steps for an average day will allow you to enter your distance that way. I am confident we will make it the rest of the way this year.

So simply go to the Google sheet and enter your name, keep track and start adding your distances covered. Please send me your email address so you can receive a weekly or monthly reminder to enter your distance. Your email will not be shared with anyone else. If you prefer to have me enter your distances for you then send me the totals and I will put them in. You can also leave the distances at the medical clinic for me.  Keep your eyes open for articles in the Flagstone and notices in the Grapevine for walks and special events.

Dr. Ron

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