Rental Rates



 Facility Rentals
Use of kitchen is not included.
A wet bar is located in the lounge for providing coffee/tea service.
Basic full day $100
Basic half day (< 6 hrs) $50
Committee Meetings (NFP) $35
Public Events $100

Basic including cleaning fee

Basic rate $50


Commercial use TBD
Hall (6am – midnight)
Note: use of stage is not included
Basic full day $150
Basic half day (< 6 hrs) $75
Fundraising Event (NFP) $125
Full Facility per day

Hall, lounge and kitchen

Basic Rate $300
Fundraising Event (NFP) $250
Weekend Rate

2 day events using full facility

Festival Events (NFP) $500
Other by arrangement
Sails with hall rental Put up and take down $160
Weekly Recreation Classes (gym) Per hour $10
Memorials By donation


Equipment Rentals (per day):

Tables Wooden tables (8’ x 3’)(Plastic tables may not be taken offsite) 18 $5 per table
Chairs White plastic, stacking(Chrome chairs may not be taken off site) 100 $1 per chair
Kitchen equipment Chafing dishes, coffee urns, wine glasses, and miscellaneous other equipment are available for rental through the booking agent. varies



  1. NFP – Reduced rates are offered to Denman not-for-profit societies only.
  1. Use of the stage is no longer available. For certain large events, special arrangements may be made, however, an additional fee may be charged. Renters must not move fitness equipment and flooring without a Fitness Centre person attending.
  1. Kitchen users must read and follow procedures outlined in the kitchen manual.   Caterers will be given an orientation on the use of commercial equipment prior to the event.
  1. For events of over 50 people, a fee will be charged for setup and/or cleanup assistance to provide access to storage areas, locate equipment, ensure that tables, chairs and other equipment are returned to proper storage locations after use and personal items, garbage, and recycling are removed, laundry is attended to, and that kitchen is left as found.

Recreation, Meetings, and Community Events on Denman Island