Museum Vision and Mission Statements 2016

Vision Statement:

To be a public meeting place that encourages the appreciation of the rich heritage of Denman Island and to be recognized as a current and relevant local museum, containing artifacts and archives that are well cared for, well organized and well displayed.

Mission Statement:

The Denman Island Museum acquires, preserves, exhibits and interprets material relevant to the human and natural history of Denman Island. All of these materials are available to residents and visitors to access, research and enjoy.

Donated Artifacts and Information Items:

“To be suitable for the Denman Island museum, donated artifacts and information items must contribute to the communication and exhibit of material evidence of the people of Denman Island and their environment. 
Other factors that relate to suitability include: physical size vs. space available, acceptability of physical condition, potential impact to other items, ability of museum to care for the item, duplication of existing information or artifacts, conditions placed on the donation by the donor, questionable authenticity or ownership of item or information.”

Recreation, Meetings, and Community Events on Denman Island