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Table Tennis gears up

And now, a word from Batman Peter:

Sunday Table Tennis (TT) begins September 20th at our regular time….. 9am to 1pm. Wednesday TT is now scheduled from 7 to 9pm with the doors open at 6:30pm for table set-up.

We have installed two more tables…. the Butterfly Octet 25, identical to the one we purchased last year. These tables are beautiful and a pleasure to play on. We’ve introduced the new ITTF plastic balls which will be phased in over the next couple of years. The celluloid balls will be discontinued once current inventory has been used up.

If you are looking for something different…. what about Pickleball??…… Wednesday mornings from 8:30 to 11:30am.
All equipment is supplied. We’ve played through the summer. The game is easy to learn and a good workout.
Many of your TT skills transfer readily to Pickleball…. just on a bigger court.

Drop-in fees remain the same, $3 per session As always, bring along clean court shoes. The refinished gym floor continues to hold up well.

The weather looks wet for Sunday….. a perfect excuse to bail out on all the end-of-season garden chores and swat the daylights out of that annoying little ball.

Pickleball came, saw and conquered

Pickleball has been happening since early June  in the Wednesday morning slot in the Hall. It soon expanded from 2 hours to 4, running from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm at the Activity Centre.  This combination of table tennis, tennis, badminton and racquetball  is proving  very popular and works for all ages. And there are especially keen people who are trying it on Sunday mornings as well so contact Paule Deschenes (335-1739) and Jennie Villard (335-2120) for more info.  All equipment is supplied.  The drop-in fee is $3.  Please bring along clean indoor court shoes.

Meanwhile, that other net sport of which we are so fond – Table Tennis – continues  Wednesday evenings from  6 to 9 pm.  The Sunday morning sessions will be back in the Fall.

The hall is always available for drop-in play, for members and guests.  Just be sure to check the schedule of events on the Activity Centre website at  before you arrange a session.