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Denman TT Spring Update

Our table tennis season hit a highpoint with the Sixth Annual Table Tennis Tournament, held March 7th an 8th.  Over 40 competitors from Vancouver, Victoria, Black Creek, Cumberland, Courtenay and Denman Island competed in day long Round-Robin preliminaries followed by Single-Knockout play-downs.  Podium positions were contested in Novice, Women’s, Recreational and Competitive Singles.  Recreational and Competitive Doubles completed the schedule.

New tables, the ball robot and a coaching program have all contributed to an improved level of play.   Ed Schum’s table tennis blades are popping up everywhere.  The winners from this year’s tournament included many island players.  Here’s some of our local talent….
Table Tennis winners

Table tennis doesn’t end with the tournament.  It continues Wednesdays, 6 to 9 pm and Sundays, 9 am to 1:30 pm.  The Saturday evening coaching is on hold for now.  We have four tables for singles/doubles play and one table for ball robot drills.  If it gets really busy we shut down the robot and open the 5th table for regular play.

Table Tennis fall start up

Table Tennis is back in full swing, with both Wednesday evening and Sunday morning drop in sessions booked for the season.

The new Butterfly table and Newgy Robo Pong table have been installed.  All Joola tables are repaired and back in service.  We now have four tables set up for singles and doubles play and one table cordoned off for the Robo-Pong ball robot.

The new Butterfly table is awesome…. beautifully built and a pleasure to play on.  The ball robot is very easy to use, simple to program and an excellent training tool.  With a brief orientation you can set up forehand drills, backhand drills, serving drills, footwork drills…. virtually anything you wish to practice.

Ed Schum and Max Porcher from Courtenay attended last weekend.  Ed spent some time coaching on table and with the robot.  He brought along a huge selection of racquets for try-outs…. lots of variety in both blades and types of rubber.  Ed had high praise for our table tennis set-up.

We spent some time reviewing table set-up.  All tables are in excellent shape following repairs.  New legs and general tightening of the hardware has made the tables a bit stiff.  Please be cautious when lowering and raising and be sure the tables are fully locked in the raised position.

The Denman Island Annual TT Tournament dates are set…. March 7th and 8th, 2015, just 150 sleeps away.  Training is officially underway…..

Peter Marshall will be on hand to assist anyone anyone who wishes to try out the ball robot.   New players are welcome.   Please bring clean indoor footwear.

Hope to see you there.